A MailChimp Record: 1.2 Billion Emails on Black Friday

As you may have heard, it’s been a crazy holiday season for our deliverability team. We predicted we’d send a bit more than 1 billion emails on Cyber Monday, and we were right on the money. We were surprised, though, by the numbers from Black Friday, when we sent a total of 1.2 billion emails—a new record for MailChimp.



What’s even more exciting is how much email our users sent throughout the day. As expected, sending ramped up very early in the morning as our users sent out doorbuster sale info and receipts. And at our peak sending hour around 11am ET that morning, MailChimp sent more than 80 million emails. That’s more than 22,000 emails each second! Nice.



But it wasn’t just retail and e-commerce doing all the sending over the busy weekend. Our data science team looked at the top 5 industries by sending and found that nonprofits and education/training businesses were sending more to their subscribers. Seems likely this was in anticipation of Giving Tuesday, reminding folks not to spend too much on that new Star Wars waffle maker.



We know the world is increasingly shifting its online presence to mobile, but we see even more of that behavior around the holidays as folks abandon their PCs to travel and shop. There was a significant drop in PC engagement this year as mobile engagement increased. In fact, the change was so drastic that if trends continue into 2016, we’ll see mobile engagement surpass PC engagement by 10-15%. Make sure your campaigns are mobile-friendly!




Meanwhile, looking at overall opens and clicks, we see a slight dip when comparing Black Friday to Cyber Monday. A similar difference can be seen in the volume we sent—about 17% less on Cyber Monday. We also know that inbox competition is at an all-time high, so maintaining your brand presence can be essential to your holiday bottom line.



Here’s to a productive and rewarding holiday season. Oh, and in case you missed it, here are plenty of ways to continue optimizing your email marketing through the end of the year. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have to get back to work. There are other sending records to break, after all. Happy emailing!


[Originally posted here, but due to MailChimp’s rebranding in October 2018, the MailChimp blog was removed.]