API Bulk: The Final Frontier

Traditionally Postmark has focused on sending only transactional messages with the highest deliverability standards, and that’s produced a ton of loyal fans that boast we’re the best in the business! *blushing* But if we can accommodate more types of messages with the same high-quality sending standards, many of our customers prefer us as their sole email provider.

Our mission 🛰 is to make email painless and enjoyable for development teams, and we’re in the unique position to both preserve our world-class 🌎 transactional service and superior deliverability while using that experience to build the ultimate bulk sending environment in parallel ♊︎. So I’m pleased to announce that we’ve launched 🚀 brand new infrastructure for managing what we call “API bulk”, that is, similar messages sent to multiple recipients.

Those who’ve been testing it here for the past 6 months have seen truly stellar ✨ and consistently fast deliverability that I’m over-the-moon 🌜about! Of course, the goal is to be more universal 🔭 about the kinds of messages Postmark can support, but so far selected customers have been sending mainly app updates, release notes, daily digests, and event invitations. I’m personally on the lookout for developers willing to go boldly 👩‍🚀 into more use-cases, so this is where you come in!

Please make contact 👽 if you’re interested in trying out Postmark API Bulk, and my team would love to chat about your specific sending practices and volume requirements. We always want to optimize our tooling and services to best support developers, ensuring your email needs and Postmark are always a match made in heaven 🌤.


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